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Audio Conferencing

Service Electric Telephone hosts a simple business meeting better than any other company. Telephone conferences used to be two or three people huddled uncomfortably around a speakerphone on a desk, straining to hear each other and fussing with dropped calls and poor reception. Service Electric Telephone's audio conferencing sphere makes it simple. You dial a local or toll free number. You all hear each other. You get on with your meeting. Your work gets done. The only things we haven't provided are the donuts and coffee.

No static, no delay, and no travel expenses. Let Service Electric Telephone host your next long-distance meeting. Our conferencing service is always available to our customers. You don't have to plan in advance. If you have an important conference with people half a world away, our global conferencing services are available on demand.

Whether your telephone conference is a private consultation between two people, a lively group of dozens, or a remote speaker addressing hundreds, Service Electric Telephone provides you with quality conferencing communications with a wide-range of features:

  • Each conference sphere receives one FREE domestic US and toll free DID
  • Reservation-less and on-demand service
  • Scalable for all businesses
  • Conferences can be managed online, in real time
  • Custom on hold music
  • Participant and moderator codes
  • Custom dial-in numbers, and/or recorded personal, custom greeting available
  • 24-hour, everyday availability that you need for small or individual conferences, equally ready and available for planned or for impromptu conferences
  • Delivered via our TRIPLE REDUNDANCY Service Platform

High-DEF Audio Conferencing by Service Electric Telephone lets you forget the technology, and just have a great meeting! Service Electric Telephone conferencing offers you and your customer’s affordable reliability, clarity and convenience. We possess the technology and the expertise to make your meetings easy and productive.

Contact a Service Electric Telephone sales representative today at (610) 841-4100 to learn more about our Audio Conferencing.

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