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Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications

Our Cloud Always has a Silver Lining

Small to Medium Size Business

Service Electric Telephone, a local telephone service, has been providing regional telecommunications services to small and mid-sized companies for over a century. We understand the challenges of keeping up with telecommunication technology while limiting capital expenditures and operating expenses. Therefore, we have made it a priority to provide a simple and affordable way to establish a world-class communication infrastructure without a massive capital investment.

Achieving World class communication within your budget

Service Electric Telephone provides turnkey telecommunications systems suitable for any sized business. Premier communication networks are no longer limited to the realm of enterprise class corporations. The efficiencies of cloud-based technologies allow small and medium-sized businesses to enjoy reductions in overhead from traditional telecommunication systems. Deployment of a SIP trunking solution will quickly yield substantial savings per unit of calling services. 
With the benefits of hosted services, businesses can implement a state-of-the-art communication system without the capital expense of purchasing or upgrading to new equipment. Now a small business can access the latest in communication technology by simply plugging in to Service Electric Telephone's world class network infrastructure.

With Service Electric Telephone, small businesses can now access a world-class communication infrastructure without breaking the bank.

Transition to a communication system that grows with your company

Our systems are easily scalable and adaptable to your company's needs – and budget. Whatever your existing communications infrastructure, Service Electric Telephone offers the benefits of VoIP/SIP Trunking quickly and easily. Additional features can be added as needed without interruption to existing services. Transferring to a comprehensive IP communications platform can be accomplished at once or in stages depending on business needs and existing infrastructure.

Quality Communications and Security

For both external and internal communications, our IP communications network offers high quality voice transmission and triple redundancy infrastructure to assure seamless communication. Small and mid-sized businesses can plug-in to acquire premium communication quality at affordable costs – big business features at small business pricing.

Hosted Solutions

Service Electric Telephone provides hosted communication as a service (HCaaS) to small businesses seeking to upgrade to a world-class communication infrastructure without incurring significant capital expenses. HCaaS is ideally suited for the cloud-based delivery of integrated communications - voice, messaging, conferencing, and mobility. HCaaS can unify disparate systems and people. It can assist businesses to leverage existing infrastructure while reducing both capital and operating costs.

  • Hosted IP PBX
  • Hosted Auto–Attendant
  • Hosted Internet Faxing
  • Hosted Conferencing
  • Hosted Disaster Recovery

For more information on how Service Electric Telephone can serve your small to mid-sized business, please call (610) 841-4100 today!

Enterprise Level

Service Electric Telephone is passionate about delivering an exceptional service experience to enterprise businesses on a global scale. Understanding the depth of the service requirements and the overall performance expectations of the entire company from the top down, A to Z, is just the beginning process for our team of service experts. Through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) technology and innovative service differentiators such as Least Cost Trunk Averaging (LCTA), Ironton Global produces telecom operational efficiencies for multi-location Fortune 500 companies while enhancing communication capabilities over traditional PSTN service providers.

Enhanced Services

  • Dedicated Account Managers & Service Implementation Experts
  • Dedicated Toll Free Customer Care Call Queues & Priority Routing

Contact Centers

As contact centers have become increasingly more sophisticated over the years, so has Service Electric Telephone by providing these operations with more efficiencies and cost savings through enhanced SIP trunking. Geography means nothing anymore and physical "brick and mortar" locations are no longer relevant with the advent of international virtual DIDs, dynamic load balancing and the ability to share SIP Trunking domains, in different time zones, across the globe.

Contact your local Service Electric Telephone representative today at (610) 841-4100 to learn more and to get a customized service quote.

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