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PRI & Other Circuits

PRI & Other Circuits

At Service Electric Telephone we deliver our ISDN PRI and T-1 services over our privately owned advanced fiber optic network, ensuring the highest service availability and reliability.

A PRI is a telecommunications standard used in the delivery of multiple digital (ISDN - integrated services digital network) voice calls (23 B channel speech paths per PRI) to a customer's phone system that is equipped with PRI software and interface card to receive a PRI.

Digital Interface

Digital Interface provides a T-1 digital transmission facility operating at 1.544 Mbps and time division multiplexed into 24 channels. This service provides Basic or DID Trunks to business customer's communication system.

Digital Interface can be used to carry one-way outbound traffic, one-way inbound or two-way traffic, Direct Inward Dialing, or a combination thereof. A digital interface can also deliver PRI ISDN service.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

ISDN customers may choose from the following services.

Primary Rate Interface Packages (PRI) via a T-1

The following features are available over ISDN services.

  • Calling Name/Number Delivery
  • Directory Listings
  • Long Distance Carrier
  • DID Numbers (new and existing DID blocks of numbers)
  • Maintain your existing phone numbers, even 800 and vanity numbers


The special circuits listed above are priced on an individual case basis. Please click here for the name of the sales representative for your county.

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